Quickly fill out our online form describing the item you’d like to sell or collateralize, and we’ll get back to you with a quote in 24 hours. We’ll take into account the original sale price, the condition of your item based on photos you upload, and what you think the item is worth today. We don’t provide credit checks, we don’t need references, and all we’re really interested in is whether or not you have a quality item you want to sell or leverage for a loan. We’ll provide you with a general outline of the terms of a loan or a sale that we could offer, and you send us your item.


Once you’ve approved the general loan terms, we’ll send you an overnight shipping label from UPS or Federal Express. Your item will be fully insured from the minute it leaves your hands until you’ve repaid your loan in full by Lloyds of London. After we’ve received your item, independent appraisers will determine the actual value. They get paid for the appraisal, not the value they determine for your item, so you are assured that we’re being as unbiased as possible to get you the most money we can for your item.


After we’ve given you a quote, received your item, and we come to terms on the loan or the sale, all that’s left is to get you paid. We prefer to pay with ACH transfer, and that takes as little as 2-5 business days. If you prefer, we can also send a wire transfer for an additional fee. From submitting your online quote to getting cash in your bank account, we strive to make getting you paid for your item as fast as humanly possible. So if you’re stressed or in need of cash quickly, we can help you alleviate those concerns in almost no time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of assets does IntelliCash accept as collateral for a loan?

We currently accept Fine Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver, precious and semi-precious stones, fine art, antiques, luxury handbags and exotic / luxury vehicles.

Our services are both discrete and personalized. If your asset(s) is not included in the list above, just give us a call and lets begin a dialog to see if we can assist you.

How do you determine the value of my asset(s)?

We begin by establishing the current wholesale value of the asset(s). Depending on the type of asset(s) we will then loan you up to 80% of the current wholesale value.A. We begin by establishing the current wholesale value of the asset(s). Depending on the type of asset(s) we will then loan you up to 80% of the current wholesale value.

Maximum Loan Value Percentage is a factor based on the type of asset(s), current wholesale value, estimated timeframe to resell the item in the unlikely event of a loan default as well as any other logistical factors. We are committed to providing you with the maximum loan value possible.

Does IntelliCash perform credit checks?

No. All IntelliCash transactions are based solely on the value and type of asset(s) being pledged as collateral. We don’t verify employment, nor do we ask for personal references.

Where are my assets stored while they are in IntelliCash’s possession?

All assets are stored in one of our fully insured secure state-of-the-art facilities, which are alarm protected and video monitored. Depending on the asset(s) being stored, climate and humidity control may also be needed.

Is there a minimum or maximum loan period?

IntelliCash has several loan products, each of which may have a different term. The standard and most popular is our bridge loan which is a 30 day loan product. This loan can be extended for as many 30 day periods as you may need. The only requirement to extend the loan is to have paid the current monthly fee. Our term loans are for a a specific time period, typically 90 or 180 days. These loans may also be extended under certain conditions. Our Sale Advance Loans are individualized based on the asset(s) being sold on your behalf. Please contact a member of our staff for more information about this product.

Can I pay more than the minimum payment?

Yes. You can make as large of a payment toward your loan as you like. The additional payment above the minimum amount is applied directly toward the principal balance due, which then reduces both the interest charged and your minimum payment due.

What happens if I can’t make my payment on time?

Bridge loans are due in 30 days. If you are unable to pay the loan off, then you can make the minimum monthly payment. If you are unable to make the minimum monthly payment on the 30th day when due, then your loan enters the initial default period. You will have another 30 days to make a total of two minimum monthly payments to bring your loan current. If you are unable to bring your loan current during this 30 day redemption period, then your loan defaults on day 61 and you forfeit your asset(s).

Term Loans are due in full upon the due date stated on the loan agreement. If you anticipate difficulty making your payment, please contact a member of our staff prior to the due date so that we may discuss your specific situation.

How do I get the funds from my loan?

Once all of the documents have been executed and the asset(s) are in IntelliCash’s possession, we provide funding through electronic transfer directly to your bank account.  Standard funding is done via ACH transfer and takes between 2 and 5 business days. We can also provide funding via wire transfer for an additional fee in which the funds are deposited into your account on the same day or next business day.

Do I have to pay anything upfront for your services?

No. We cover the costs associated with all of the initial fees (shipping, transit insurance, appraisal and authentication, origination). The initial loan origination fees are net funded from the transaction at time of funding. You then make the minimum monthly payments until you want to pay the loan off, at which time the asset(s) are returned to you.

How do I get my asset(s) to you?

After the pre-evaluation is complete and we have established the general loan terms, we will provide you with a fully insured prepaid overnight shipping label with Federal Express or UPS. To avoid risk of damage during shipping, have your asset(s) professionally prepared for shipping and provide the label to the shipping agent.

Are my asset(s) insured?

Yes. Your assets are fully insured both during transit and at all times while in the custody of IntelliCash. We are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

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