IntellAppraise Network

IntelliCash utilizes a regional network of the top experts in luxury asset appraisal to support our online collateralized lending platform. Our verified appraisal partners get paid on a per appraisal basis, so unlike a traditional pawnshop, they are not incentivised to provide a lower than market value for an item in an effort to resell it for a higher price. This philosophy ensures that you receive the highest loan to value for your items, appraised by the best in the business. You can either drop your items in the mail, fully insured, or go to a one of our verified regional appraisers’ offices to have your item appraised in person.

Our philosophy and partnerships ensure you receive the highest loan to value for your items.

All of IntellAppraise locations provide secure storage for your items.

We’ve inspected every verified IntellAppraise location to ensure they’re in locations that are comfortable and discreet.

IntellAppraise is a wholly owned subsidiary of IntelliCash. IntelliCash is an online collateralized lending platform that empowers individuals to intelligently and discreetly raise capital from luxury items.